Revista de Economía del Caribe, NO. 20: JUL-DIC 2017

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The free market ideology as a ceremonial feature in Latin American

William Rafael Baca Mejía, Sarah Marie Walsh Rone


This paper offers an explanation on how the free market ideology gives rise to the social distinction of being considered a follower of democracy, but with the purpose of being admired from the social viewpoint. This only enhances the ceremonial feature of being a democracy follower. This habit of thought inculcated by the establishment supports pecuniary behaviors submerged in the state, and resigns excluded people to the apparently idea there is not alternatives for change. Understanding that the social process is complex continuously evolving, we propose several and basic elements to explain the negative influence of the establishment under its free market ideological discourse.

Palabras Clave / Keywords

free market, ideology, ceremonial, establishment, institutional change.

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