A hertzian interpretation of Wittgenstein’s Tractatus.


  • Sara Bizarro Universidad de Lisboa


Wittgenstein, Hertz, physics, philosophy of science, history of philosophy,


In this paper I will compare Hertz and Wittgenstein in order to bring forth a new interpretation of the Tractatus. I shall look at Wittgenstein’s ideas about simple objects and compare them with Hertz’s material particles. I shall then claim that if one understands Hertz’s material particles as logical entities that are more co-ordinate like than physical, one can reach an interpretation of the Tractatus that is deliberately silent about the nature of reality, therefore escaping both objectivist and subjectivist interpretations of the book. This, I think, is just one of the great results of re-thinking Wittgenstein’s ideas through Hertz’s.


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Author Biography

Sara Bizarro, Universidad de Lisboa

Editora de la revista virtual de filosofía Intelectu. Adelanta estudios de postdoctorado en el Centro de Filosofía de la Universidad de Lisboa. Doctora en filosofía, universidad de Lisboa. Master en filosofía de la mente, Universidad de Lisboa. Pregrado en filosofía, Universidad de Lisboa. Profesora visitante de Kings College London, New York University y Tulane University.



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