Eidos, No 9

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The reasons of the symposiarch: an aproach to the Dionysian mysteries. [Spanish]

Yidy Páez Casadiegos


In this work, the symposiarch first submits to the audience a likeness of the shadows created by light effects, by mimes and by representations of the sacred. He begins with the name itself of the invited god, and with a narrative of the myths referring to the genealogy, diaspora, epidemics and epiphanies and the Dionysius’s festival calendar; secondly, he continues with a description and analysis of the Dionysian festivals and mysteries and thirdly, he ends with an etiology of the socio-political needs linked to the cult and to the possible entheogens responsible for mystic-religious experiences of the ecstatic bacchantes


Bacchantes, Attic synoecism, democracy, entheogen.


Artículo de investigación científica y tecnológica

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Electronic ISSN: 2011-7477
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