Eidos, No 7

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The concept of lack in Martin Heidegger. [Spanish]

Alfredo Rocha de la Torre


After a brief introduction in which I underline the acknowledgment that Emil Kettering makes about the importance of the concept of nearness in Martin Heidegger’s philosophy, but in which I also take distance from his approach to the fundamental relation between language and nearness, which I consider limited, I state that the late Heideggerian conception of language can be better understood if these two concepts are considered, in a rigorous Heideggerian sense, as “the same” [das Selbe]. With the aim of giving this thesis a phenomenological foundation I approach the Heideggerian reflection on the nearness in five levels, beginning with the usual definition of nearness as “short distance” and ending with its identification with the language. My approach to this matter focuses exclusively on the late work of Heidegger.


Nearness, language, experience, “the same”, homeland, being.


Artículo de investigación científica y tecnológica

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