Eidos, No 7

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The anticipation of crisis. An application of chaos theory. [Spanish]

Manuel Guzmán Hennessey


This essay explores, the possibility to apply the chaos theory in the context of the dynamic’s crisis. The philosophical bases of the fuzzy cognitive thought are examined and also a model of approximation to the reality is explored, from the recognition of its evolutionary cycles chaos order. The problem of see is the principal line of investigation of the Center of Think and Applications of the Chaos Theory (Bogotá - Buenos Aires). This work is an advance of the research Thousand Shades: materials for a theory of the crises, whose intention, among others, raises: Which is, in fact, the essence and the origin of the Chaos, and how can be applied their approaches in a society that needs to surpass its crises and to learn how to move in turbulent contexts?


Chaos, crisis, complexity, blurred thought, nuances, uncertainty.


Artículo de investigación científica y tecnológica

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Electronic ISSN: 2011-7477
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