Eidos, No 15: Jul-Dec, 2011

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Is the Panpsychist Better off as an Idealist? Some Leibnizian Remarks on Consciousness and Composition

Michael Blamauer


Some philosophers of mind have argued for considering consciousness as a further fundamental feature of reality in addition to its physical properties. Hence most of them are property dualists. But some of them are panpsychists. In the present paper it will be argued that being a real property dualist essentially entails being a panpsychist. Even if panpsychism deals rather elegantly with certain problems of the puzzle of consciousness, there’s no way around the composition problem. Adhering to the fundamentality claim of the mind, it will be shown that only a radical revision of metaphysics will allow the panpsychist to avoid these troubles, and hence that a panpsychist must adopt Leibnizian idealism.



Property dualism, panpsychism, combination problem, idealism, Leibniz.


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