Eidos, No 16: Jan- jun, 2012

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Merleau-Ponty: “Flesh and being of language” [Spanish]

Juan Manuel Cuartas Restrepo


On several occasions, the French philosopher Maurice Merleau-Ponty says that there is a "flesh of language" that can be understood as a paradoxical understanding of self and the other at the very heart of the language. This "flesh"is related to the development of human life and bears witness to the change in individuals who observing themselves want to be a new individual every time. Following Merleau-Ponty, this essay aims at recognizing the condition of being continually reinvented by the expression of the language.


Merleau,Ponty,carne del lenguaje,propio cuerpo, carne del mundo,percepción,nueva ontología


Artículo de investigación científica y tecnológica

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