Eidos, No. 21: July-December 2014

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Global poverty or domestic inequality. A critique of David Miller and Laura Valentini's views [Spanish]

Francisco García Gibson


In this article I call into question David Miller and Laura Valentini’s reasons to claim that duties to reduce inequalities inside the State should be prioritized over duties to reduce extreme global poverty. According to Miller, global duties, unlike domestic ones, cannot be legitimately enforced, and they are therefore mere humanitarian duties that weigh less than domestic duties, which are duties of justice. According to Valentini, domestic duties should be prioritized over global humanitarian duties because the former are duties not to harm, while the latter are mere duties to help. I argue that both views fail in their attempt to show that duties to reduce extreme global poverty are not duties of justice too.


Global poverty, domestic inequality, priority, justice, humanitarianism


Artículo de investigación científica y tecnológica

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