Eidos, No. 22: January-June 2015

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A Confrontation of the Heideggerian Phenomenon of Ereignis with Its Conflictive Origin [Spanish]

Leticia Basso Monteverde


In the paper we analyze the phenomenon of Ereignis in Heidegger's work after the Kehre to confront his conflicting origin. For this, we present the influence of his reading of Heraclitus πόλεμος and an interpretation of the structure and its dimensions thanks to the tension of the parts that are kept in continuous oscillation by the abysmal nature of donation. We also reviewed the pathway that present the join of the phenomenon in light of his work Beiträge zur Philosophie. In this way, we understand a little more of the complex sense of this phenomenon and its contribution to the problem of difference.



Heidegger, Enowning, conflict, dimensions, join


Artículo de reflexión

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