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The Impossibility of Private Language. Contributions from Formal Pragmatics [Spanish]

Leandro Paolicchi



This article addresses the argument developed by Ludwig Wittgenstein in Philoso­phische Untersuchungen about the impossibility of a private language. The objective of this approach is to present a series of arguments, reconstructed from the point of view of transcendental pragmatics of language, which also demonstrate in a finished way the impossibility of such a language. The importance of the transcendental pragmatics reasonings is that they explicitly state a way of considering the very process of argu­mentation that is absent in Wittgenstein’s statements. After presenting the importance and particularities of Wittgenstein’s argument (I and II), the interpretation that can be employed from pragmatics is developed (III), as well as a distinction that must be made when dealing with issues related to language (IV). Finally, some conclusions are drawn.



Pragmatics, language, reflection, consciousness, assumptions, rules.


Artículo de investigación científica y tecnológica

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