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Form and individuation: Simondon and the Gestaltpsychologie [Spanish]

Juan Manuel Heredia


The article analyzes the reflexive operation that Gilbert Simondon makes on the Gestaltpsychologie, seeking to provide relevant elements to think the premises on which the author builds his theory of individuation, as well as the historical-conceptual sense of the latter in a context dominated by synchronic formal schemes. To this end, and having as an axis the tension between form and individuation, it presents a general reading scheme to study the relation between Simondon and the Gestaltpsychologie, and derives three topics: (a) the methodological use of analogy; (b) the simondonian criticism of the first stage of the psychology of form and of the “principle of stable equilibrium”; (c) the simondonian analysis of the third stage of that school, and of the “principle of structural organization”, from the horizon of the problem of behavior.


Gilbert Simondon, form, individuation, psychology of form, theory of behavior.


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