Eidos is an international peer-reviewed open-access electronic journal published by theDepartment of Humanities and Philosophy at the Universidad del Norte. It fosters original scholarly studies in all fields of philosophy committed to the current approaches to the diverse issues of philosophical enquiry, as well as discussions, essays reviews and books reviews and translations of outstanding philosophical studies. It welcomes preferably papers written in English and Spanish but also accepts manuscripts in French, Italian and Portuguese in order to promote an enthusiastic worldwide dialogue on the pluralistic philosophical attitudes to all areas of interest in humanities. Its wide-ranging focus, besides including papers on aesthetics, epistemology, metaphysics, feminism, phenomenology, history of science and history of philosophy, also diffuses critical studies on practical philosophy. Due to its comprehensive scopeEidos seeks to keep abreast of the present state of affairs of philosophical research. From 2003 to 2005 it issued one number per year. From 2006 up to present it is published online semiannually in June 15th and December 15th.



Current Issue No 26: No. 26: Enero-junio 2017

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Editorial [Spanish]
Federico Guillermo Serrano López


The Rhetorical Dismantling of Philosophical Discourse [Spanish]
Juan Ignacio Blanco Ilari

Phenomenology of Inapparent and the Problem of the Ways to Transcendental Dimension [Spanish]
Hernán Gabriel Inverso

The Ego is not Master in its Own House: A Systematic Revisitation of Sigmund Freud’s Theory of Subjectivity [Spanish]
Alexis Emanuel Gros

On the Intimate Connivance of Love and Thought
Jeremy De Chavez

“If You Want to Know What the Water is Like, don´t Ask the Fish” Second-Order Epistemology in the Study of Violence [Spanish]
Maria Luján Christiansen

Critical Reflections on Violence in Mexico from Injustice: Imaginatively Project to Build Peace [Spanish]
Dora Elvira García-González

Are Dennett’s Evolutionary Debunking By-Producing Arguments against the Rationality of Theism Valid? [Spanish]
Jorge Sierra Merchán

Governmentality, Biopolitics and Dispositives in International Relations [Spanish]
David Cortez, Gabriel Orozco

Motion, Body and Corporeal Substance in Leibniz: The Defense of Relativity of Motion and its Impact in the Development of his Metaphysics of Bodies [Spanish]
Rodolfo Fazio

Second-Order Necessitism [Spanish]
José Tomás Alvarado Marambio

Chrysippus’ Indemonstrables and the Semantic Mental Models
Miguel López-Astorga

Information, Epistemic Luck and Generality [Spanish]
Abel Wajnerman Paz

Book review

Erotics and Exile. Poetical Inspiration and Philosophy in Plato [Spanish]
Henar Lanza González



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