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No. 18 (2013): Jan-Jun Astonishment and Knowledge: An Approach to the Pathos in Plato [Spanish] Abstract   PDF
Mara Bacarlett, Ángeles Ma. del Rosario Pérez Bernal
No. 21: July-December 2014 Autobiography and histrionics. An image of self-knowledge in Wittgenstein's later work [Spanish] Abstract   PDF   HTML
Ana María Giraldo
No 9: Jul-Dec, 2008 Axiology and propositional ethics in the second Carnap: by logical analysis. [Portuguese] Abstract   PDF   HTML
Ramiro Délio Borges de Meneses
No. 21: July-December 2014 Basic income and plurinational state: options for global justice. A reflection from the spheres of justice of Michael Walzer [Spanish] Abstract   PDF   HTML
Blas Zubiría Mutis
No 24: January-June 2016 Benjamin and Baudelaire: Time, Correspondances and Allegory [Spanish] Abstract   PDF   HTML
Patricia Trujillo
No 12: Jan-Jun, 2010 Between Carl Schmitt and Thomas Hobbes: A study of modern liberalism from Leo Strauss' thought. [Spanish] Abstract   PDF   HTML
José Daniel Parra Quintero
No 9: Jul-Dec, 2008 Between the walk and the portico. On Diogenes Laertius's Life of Aristotle, 5, 1-35. [Spanish] Abstract   PDF   HTML
José María Zamora Calvo
No. 22: January-June 2015 Bodies, Imaginaries, Power [Spanish] Abstract   PDF   HTML
Amalia Boyer
No 8: Jan-Jun, 2008 Borges and the politics of expression. The transvaluation of the national past. [Spanish] Abstract   PDF   HTML
Eduardo Pellejero
No. 20: January-June, 2014 Can We Speak about Philosophical Poetry in Plato? [Spanish] Abstract   PDF   HTML
Sandro Watts
No 24: January-June 2016 Cause and Determination of the Subject [Spanish] Abstract   PDF   HTML
Sylvia De Castro
No. 20: January-June, 2014 Censure and Exclusion of The Republic in the Light of the Timaeus [Spanish] Abstract   PDF
Henar Lanza
No 26: Enero-junio 2017 Chrysippus’ Indemonstrables and the Semantic Mental Models Abstract   PDF   HTML
Miguel López-Astorga
No 11: Jul-Dec, 2009 Compassion and solidarity, adequate sentiments for overcoming a period in state of indigence: from Max Horkheimer’s standpoint. [Spanish] Abstract   PDF   HTML
Javier Roberto Suárez González
No 15: Jul-Dec, 2011 Complexity: Scientific Revolution and Theory [Spanish] Details   PDF   HTML
Fredy Enrique Rozo Cañón
No. 22: January-June 2015 Conceptual Resonances and Figures from the Orient in A Thousand Plateaus: from the Tao and Go to the Body without Organs and the War Machine [Spanish] Abstract   PDF   HTML
Matías Soich
No. 21: July-December 2014 Conceptualizing the State in The Anti-Oedipus. Capitalism and Schizophrenia [Spanish] Abstract   PDF   HTML
María Alejandra Pagotto
No 29 (2018): July-December 2018 Conditionals: Inference and Relevance [Spanish] Abstract   PDF   HTML
Eduardo Rincón Alfonso, Miguel Ángel Pérez Jiménez
No 3: Jan-Dec, 2005 Conferences on Kant's Political Philosophy [Spanish] Details   PDF
Francisco Bohórquez
No 2: Jan-Dec, 2004 Conocimiento radical una investigación Filosófica de la naturaleza y límites de la ciencia. Abstract   PDF
Juan Manuel Jaramillo Uribe
No 15: Jul-Dec, 2011 Consciousness and the Introspection of ‘Qualitative Simples’ Abstract   PDF   HTML
Paul Churchland
No. 21: July-December 2014 Consensus as a politico-philosophical concept: a contribution to the history and reframing of a theoretical puzzle [Spanish] Abstract   PDF   HTML
Luca Mori
No. 25: July-December 2016 Considerations about the Paradoxes in Wilhelm Dilthey [Spanish] Abstract   PDF   HTML
Luis María Lorenzo
No 31 (2019): July-December 2019 Contemporary subjectivations: Alain Badiou and Jean-Luc Marion [Spanish] Abstract   PDF
Stephane Vinolo
No 16: Jan- jun, 2012 Content Details   PDF
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