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No 15: Jul-Dec, 2011 Environmental Intelligence: Intelligent Environments and the Challenge of Inferential Processes [Spanish] Abstract   PDF   HTML
María Navarro
No 30 (2019): January-June 2019 Eros, Philia and Community in Plato and Aristotle [Spanish] Abstract   PDF   HTML
Tulio Alexander Benavides Franco
No 9: Jul-Dec, 2008 Eros, psyche and mania: The sources of philosophical inspiration according to Plato. [Spanish] Abstract   PDF   HTML
Carlos Julio Pájaro M.
No 1: Jan-Dec, 2003 Erotic melancholia and hysteria. [Spanish] Abstract   PDF
Paul Mengal
No 26: Enero-junio 2017 Erotics and Exile. Poetical Inspiration and Philosophy in Plato [Spanish] Abstract   PDF   HTML
Henar Lanza González
No. 21: July-December 2014 Expression and nudity: an approach to the notion of justice in Emmanuel Levinas’ thought [Spanish] Abstract   PDF   HTML
Sandra Emilia Pinardi
No 29 (2018): July-December 2018 Expressivity and Performativity: The Body in its Sexual Being [Spanish] Abstract   PDF   HTML
Diana Paola Triana Moreno
No 14: Jan-Jun, 2011 Eyes wide shut: The curious silence of The law of peoples on questions of immigration and citizenship. Abstract   PDF   HTML
Robert W. Glover
No 29 (2018): July-December 2018 Female Mountain, Masculine Mining: an Interpretation of Entbergen Abstract   PDF   HTML
Ave Mets
No 24: January-June 2016 Fictional Representation of the Other in the Space/Time of the National Past. Traditional Historical Novel Versus New Historical Novel [Spanish] Abstract   PDF   HTML
Juan Moreno
No. 20: January-June, 2014 Fingo Ergo Sum: Poetry and Philosophy in Peter Sloterdijk [Spanish] Abstract   PDF   HTML
Luis Carlos Rincón Alba
No. 27 July-december 2017 First Principles in On Philosophy [Spanish] Abstract   PDF   HTML
Claudia Seggiaro
No 12: Jan-Jun, 2010 For a hermeneutical awareness of the historical meaning of "One hundred years of solitude". [Spanish] Abstract   PDF   HTML
Juan Moreno Blanco
No. 18 (2013): Jan-Jun Foreigner in his Own Land. Aristippus like Model of Aristotelian Ápolis [Spanish] Abstract   PDF
Maria Florencia Zayas
No. 21: July-December 2014 Forgetting the body [Spanish] Abstract   PDF   HTML
Heinrich Hüni
No 29 (2018): July-December 2018 Form and individuation: Simondon and the Gestaltpsychologie [Spanish] Abstract   PDF   HTML
Juan Manuel Heredia
No 8: Jan-Jun, 2008 Formation of character and practical reasoning. [Spanish] Abstract   PDF   HTML
Julián Fernando Trujillo Amaya, Ximena Vallejo Álvarez
No. 18 (2013): Jan-Jun Foucault's Contributions (Other) to the Analysis of Culture [Spanish] Abstract   PDF
Jorge Browser
No. 19: July-December, 2013 Frankfurt-Counterexamples and the “W-Defense” [Spanish] Abstract   PDF   HTML
Carlos G. Patarroyo G.
No 28 (2018): No. 28 January-June 2018 Freedom, Justice and Recognition [Spanish] Abstract   PDF   HTML
Francisco Cortés Rodas
No. 19: July-December, 2013 Friedrich Schlegel: In Regards to an Edition of his Writings [Spanish] Details   PDF   HTML
Rafael Gutiérrez Girardot
No 31 (2019): July-December 2019 From Icon to Phantasm. Two Models of the Anthropological Machine [Spanish] Abstract   PDF
Germán Osvaldo Prósperi
No. 20: January-June, 2014 From Plato to the Poets: Criticism, Censure and Exile [Spanish] Abstract   PDF   HTML
Carlos Julio Pájaro M.
No 16: Jan- jun, 2012 From self to language. Fichte and Hölderlin [Spanish] Abstract   PDF
Johann Kreuzer
No 14: Jan-Jun, 2011 From substantival to functional vitalism and beyond: animas, organisms and attitudes. Abstract   PDF   HTML
Charles T. Wolfe
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