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No 10: Jan-Jun, 2009 From the criticism to the philosophy of consciousness to the vindication of moral consciousness. [Spanish] Abstract   PDF   HTML
Carlos Gómez
No 14: Jan-Jun, 2011 From the linguistic ideology to the semiotic ideology. Reflections upon the denial. [Italian] Abstract   PDF   HTML
Massimo Leone
No. 29 July-December 2018 Generic and Social Being in Marx’s Conceptualization: on the Ontological Foundation of Emancipation [Spanish] Abstract   PDF
Ariel Fazio
No. 21: July-December 2014 Global poverty or domestic inequality. A critique of David Miller and Laura Valentini's views [Spanish] Abstract   PDF   HTML
Francisco García Gibson
No 17: Jul-Dec, 2012 Global Society and the Scope of Normative Structures [Spanish] Abstract   PDF
Rosa Sierra
No 15: Jul-Dec, 2011 Globalization and the other [Spanish] Details   PDF   HTML
Carlos B. Gutiérrez
No 6: Jan-Jun, 2007 Governability in the knowledge society. [Spanish] Abstract   PDF
José Antonio López Cerezo
No. 22: January-June 2015 Governing the Others and Governing Themselves. Human Life as the Result of Domestication and Exercise [Spanish] Abstract   PDF   HTML
Diego Alejandro Estrada Mesa
No 26: Enero-junio 2017 Governmentality, Biopolitics and Dispositives in International Relations [Spanish] Abstract   PDF   HTML
David Cortez, Gabriel Orozco
No 7: Jul-Dec, 2007 Heidegger and the Christianity of Saint Paul and Saint Agustin. [Spanish] Abstract   PDF
Francisco de Lara López
No 12: Jan-Jun, 2010 Heidegger: Poetry, esthetics and truth. [Spanish] Abstract   PDF   HTML
Marta De La Vega Visbal
No. 19: July-December, 2013 Hispano-American Identity and Other Controversies [Spanish] Details   PDF   HTML
Damián Pachón Soto
No. 27 July-december 2017 Hypothesis and Moral Certainty: Descartes’ Criticism of the Efficient Causes [Spanish] Abstract   PDF
Sergio García Rodríguez
No 23: July-December 2015 Identity as a Social Construction in Charles Taylor [Spanish] Abstract   PDF   HTML
José Francisco Zárate
No 5: Jul-Dec, 2006 Images – perception and cinema in Bergson and Deleuze. [Spanish] Abstract   PDF
Matthias Vollet
No. 25: July-December 2016 In front of absolute Harm, Resistance: a Reading Taken from Vladimir Jankélévitch [Spanish] Abstract   PDF   HTML
Lida Esperanza Villa Castaño
No. 28 January-June 2018 In Memoriam Jairo Iván Escobar Moncada [Spanish] Details   PDF
Departamento Humanidades y Filosofía
No. 28 January-June 2018 Indigenous’ Otherness: Cause and Reason of Luis Villoro’s Philosophy [Spanish] Abstract   PDF
Mario Teodoro Ramírez
No 26: Enero-junio 2017 Information, Epistemic Luck and Generality [Spanish] Abstract   PDF   HTML
Abel Wajnerman Paz
No. 21: July-December 2014 Inscription of surprise in the phenomenology of emotions of Edmund Husserl [Spanish] Abstract   PDF   HTML
Natalie Depraz
No. 22: January-June 2015 Integration of Freedom: Ontological Perspective of Freedom about Sartre's Being and Nothingness [Spanish] Abstract   PDF   HTML
Wilfer Alexis Yepes Muñoz
No 17: Jul-Dec, 2012 International Justice or World Peace? About the Nature of John Rawl’s The Law of Peoples [Spanish] Abstract   PDF
Delfín Grueso
No 9: Jul-Dec, 2008 Intuition and sympathy in Bergson. [French] Abstract   PDF   HTML
David Lapoujade
No 2: Jan-Dec, 2004 Irigaray and the question on sexual difference. [Spanish] Abstract   PDF
Amalia Boyer
No 5: Jul-Dec, 2006 Is compatible the idea of incommensurability with that of scientific progress? Some reasons in support of its compatibility. [Spanish] Abstract   PDF
Juan Manuel Jaramillo Uribe
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