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No 17: Jul-Dec, 2012 International Justice or World Peace? About the Nature of John Rawl’s The Law of Peoples [Spanish] Abstract   PDF
Delfín Grueso
No 9: Jul-Dec, 2008 Intuition and sympathy in Bergson. [French] Abstract   PDF   HTML
David Lapoujade
No 2: Jan-Dec, 2004 Irigaray and the question on sexual difference. [Spanish] Abstract   PDF
Amalia Boyer
No 5: Jul-Dec, 2006 Is compatible the idea of incommensurability with that of scientific progress? Some reasons in support of its compatibility. [Spanish] Abstract   PDF
Juan Manuel Jaramillo Uribe
No 9: Jul-Dec, 2008 Is it possible a true state based on the democratic rule of law? Jürgen Habermas and the aporias of the liberal society. [Spanish] Abstract   PDF   HTML
Luis Martínez de Velasco
No 32 (2019): No. 32 January-june 2020 Is Republicanism a Way of Eurocentrism? Response to Jaime Santamaría's Review [Spanish] Abstract   PDF
Santiago Castro-Gómez
No 7: Jul-Dec, 2007 Is still fashionable nowadays to to ask why Satre and Camus fought. [Spanish] Abstract   PDF
Rubén Darío Maldonado
No. 20: January-June, 2014 Is the Cynic Counter-Culture a Denial of Fine Arts? A Modern Challenge Facing the Philosopher-Artist [Spanish] Abstract   PDF   HTML
François Gagin
No 15: Jul-Dec, 2011 Is the Panpsychist Better off as an Idealist? Some Leibnizian Remarks on Consciousness and Composition Abstract   PDF   HTML
Michael Blamauer
No 4: Jan-Jun, 2006 Jesús Ferro Bayona: Nietzsche and the return of the metaphor. [Spanish] Abstract   PDF
Rubén Sierra Mejía
No 14: Jan-Jun, 2011 John Dewey’s theory of democracy and its links with the heterodox approach to economics. Abstract   PDF   HTML
Arturo Hermann
No 5: Jul-Dec, 2006 José Olimpo Suárez Molano: “Richard Rorty: The American Neopragmatism”. [Spanish] Abstract   PDF
Javier Roberto Suárez González
No 12: Jan-Jun, 2010 Jose Ortega y Gasset: the existential metaphysics of life. [Spanish] Abstract   PDF   HTML
Mijail Malishev, Julián Herrera González
No. 27 July-december 2017 Judith Butler’s Contributions to the American Debate about the Introduction of Desire in Hegel´s Phenomenology of Spirit [Spanish] Abstract   PDF   HTML
Pamela Celeste Abellón
No 11: Jul-Dec, 2009 Justice as political problem. From Kantian moral constructivism to Rawlsian political constructivism. [Spanish] Abstract   PDF   HTML
Jefferson Jaramillo Marín, Yesid Echeverry Enciso
No 15: Jul-Dec, 2011 Kant and the Right to Lie. Reviewed Essay: on a Supposed Right to Lie from Philanthropy, by Inmanuel Kant (1797) Abstract   PDF   HTML
Allen Wood
No 32 (2019): No. 32 January-june 2020 Kant on Empirical and Transcendental Functions of Memory Abstract   PDF
Hector Luis Pacheco Acosta
No. 18 (2013): Jan-Jun Kant's Theory of Definition [Spanish] Abstract   PDF
Lewis White Beck
No 32 (2019): No. 32 January-june 2020 Kantian Republicanism and Legal Normativity [Spanish] Abstract   PDF
Eduardo Charpenel
No 32 (2019): No. 32 January-june 2020 Kierkegaard and The Master-Thief Project (1834-1835): The Rebel Outcast and The Established Order [Spanish] Abstract   PDF
Nassim Bravo
No 5: Jul-Dec, 2006 Last Issues Details   PDF
Departamento de Humanidades y Filosofía
No 10: Jan-Jun, 2009 Last Issues Details   PDF
Departamento de Humanidades y Filosofía
No 2: Jan-Dec, 2004 Libro reseñado: Dictionnaire de la pensèe médicale. Dominique Lecourt, Francois Delaporte, Patrice Pinell & Christiane Sinding. [Spanish] Abstract   PDF
Yidy Páez Casadiegos
No 30 (2019): January-June 2019 Life as “Dis-Living” or Schreber, Theorist of the Drives. About Freud’s “Endopsychical Myths” [Spanish] Abstract   PDF   HTML
Felipe Henríquez Ruz, Niklas Bornhauser
No 28 (2018): No. 28 January-June 2018 Limit, Judgement and Otherness in Hegel [Spanish] Abstract   PDF   HTML
Stascha Rohmer
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