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No 5: Jul-Dec, 2006 José Olimpo Suárez Molano: “Richard Rorty: The American Neopragmatism”. [Spanish] Abstract   PDF
Javier Roberto Suárez González
No 12: Jan-Jun, 2010 Jose Ortega y Gasset: the existential metaphysics of life. [Spanish] Abstract   PDF   HTML
Mijail Malishev, Julián Herrera González
No. 27 July-december 2017 Judith Butler’s Contributions to the American Debate about the Introduction of Desire in Hegel´s Phenomenology of Spirit [Spanish] Abstract   PDF   HTML
Pamela Celeste Abellón
No 11: Jul-Dec, 2009 Justice as political problem. From Kantian moral constructivism to Rawlsian political constructivism. [Spanish] Abstract   PDF   HTML
Jefferson Jaramillo Marín, Yesid Echeverry Enciso
No 15: Jul-Dec, 2011 Kant and the Right to Lie. Reviewed Essay: on a Supposed Right to Lie from Philanthropy, by Inmanuel Kant (1797) Abstract   PDF   HTML
Allen Wood
No. 18 (2013): Jan-Jun Kant's Theory of Definition [Spanish] Abstract   PDF
Lewis White Beck
No 5: Jul-Dec, 2006 Last Issues Details   PDF
Departamento de Humanidades y Filosofía
No 10: Jan-Jun, 2009 Last Issues Details   PDF
Departamento de Humanidades y Filosofía
No 2: Jan-Dec, 2004 Libro reseñado: Dictionnaire de la pensèe médicale. Dominique Lecourt, Francois Delaporte, Patrice Pinell & Christiane Sinding. [Spanish] Abstract   PDF
Yidy Páez Casadiegos
No. 30 January-June 2019 Life as “Dis-Living” or Schreber, Theorist of the Drives. About Freud’s “Endopsychical Myths” [Spanish] Abstract   PDF   HTML
Felipe Henríquez Ruz, Niklas Bornhauser
No. 28 January-June 2018 Limit, Judgement and Otherness in Hegel [Spanish] Abstract   PDF   HTML
Stascha Rohmer
No 5: Jul-Dec, 2006 Linnaeus garden. [Spanish] Abstract   PDF
François Delaporte
No 5: Jul-Dec, 2006 Logical consistence and operating base in Thomas Hobbes. [Spanish] Abstract   PDF
Rusbel Martínez Rodríguez
No 13: Jul-Dec, 2010 Ludwik Fleck: forerunner of Thomas Kuhn's thinking. [Spanish] Abstract   PDF   HTML
Mónica Pérez Marín
No. 28 January-June 2018 Marx and the Political. Carl Schmitt’s Interpretation [Spanish] Abstract   PDF   HTML
Diego Felipe Paredes Goicochea
No. 18 (2013): Jan-Jun Max Weber's Concept of "Event", and the Logical Categories of a "Science of Chaos" [Spanish] Abstract   PDF
Luca Mori
No. 29 July-December 2018 Merleau-Ponty and the Problem of Truth: Little Gauss´ Story and the Sum of the Angles of the Triangle [Spanish] Abstract   PDF   HTML
Martín Miguel Buceta
No 4: Jan-Jun, 2006 Merleau-Ponty, Whitehead and the politics of nature. [Spanish] Abstract   PDF
Alberto Toscano
No 24: January-June 2016 Merleau-Ponty's Idea of a Wild Time [Spanish] Abstract   PDF   HTML
Leonardo Verano
No 16: Jan- jun, 2012 Merleau-Ponty: “Flesh and being of language” [Spanish] Abstract   PDF
Juan Manuel Cuartas Restrepo
No 15: Jul-Dec, 2011 Methodological and Informal Fallacies in Politics and Philosophy of History [Spanish] Details   PDF   HTML
María G. Navarro
No. 25: July-December 2016 Michel Foucault’s Philosophical Bet to the Otherness. Travel and Journalism as an Explanatory Framework for Reflections on the Iranian Heterotopic Experience [Spanish] Abstract   PDF   HTML
Luis Félix Blengino
No. 20: January-June, 2014 Mimēsis in Plato and Adorno [Spanish] Abstract   PDF   HTML
Jairo Escobar Moncada
No 17: Jul-Dec, 2012 Modern States’ Sovereignty and the Human Rights Fulfilling Challenge [Spanish] Abstract   PDF
Francisco Cortés
No. 22: January-June 2015 Moral Psychology and A Multidimensional Conception of the Self in Hume's Philosophy: the Case of the Moral Self [Spanish] Abstract   PDF   HTML
Leandro Guerrero
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