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Best Lithium-ion Battery Manufacturer and Supplier

Rajiv Sena (2021-02-13)

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The golf cart battery industry is in a state of flux. On one hand we have golf cart manufacturers  and merchants who realize lithium-ion batteries are better for golfing performance and longevity than lead acid batteries. On the other hand are consumers that resist the large upfront cost of lithium ion golf cart batteries, and therefore still rely on poor lead-acid battery choices.

lithium ion golf cart battery pack manufacturer JB lithium ion batteries are revolutionizing the golf cart industry! The amount of vitality provided in our golf cart batteries is shocking considering that a few of our batteries absolutely cost in as little as half hour! There's a purpose golf programs all over the world are switching to a lithium golf cart battery and that is effective. Golf carts and electric vehicles are among the transportation autos that benefit the most from LiFePO4 lithium batteries; far superior to lithium ion batteries. Insert reliability and how you get the equal voltage all the time, shields the complete system and motor. If you are a year-round golfer, then you need the cart to work in most climate conditions. Including freezing temperatures.But some batteries drain faster in cold climate.

Ability of Golf Cart

Adding a lithium-ion battery into a golf cart empowers the cart to significantly increase its weight-to-performance ratio. Lithium golf cart batteries are half the size of a classic lead-acid battery, which melts two-thirds of their battery a golf cart would ordinarily operate with. The lighter weight means the golf cart can attain higher speeds with less effort and carry more weight without feeling lethargic to the occupants.

The weight-to-performance ratio difference lets the lithium-powered cart carry an additional two year-old adults as well as their gear before reaching carrying capability. Since lithium ion batteries maintain the identical voltage outputs whatever the battery's charge, the cart continues to perform after its lead-acid counterpart has dropped behind the bunch. In contrast, direct acid and JB Battery Li-Ion batteries lose voltage output and performance after 70-75% of the battery capacity is used, which negatively impacts carrying capability and compounds the issue as the afternoon wears on.

A good golf cart should keep consistent power and speed on any course terrain. Lithium-ion batteries can handle this without a issue, however a lead-acid battery can impede down the cart as its voltage drops. Plus after the charge has dissipated, it requires an average lead-acid battery approximately eight hours to recharge back to full. Whereas, lithium-ion golf cart batteries can be recharged up to 80 percent capacity in about one hour, and reach full charge in under three hours.

Additionally, partially-charged lead-acid batteries sustain sulfation harm, which leads to significantly reduced life. On the flip side, lithium-ion batteries have no negative response to being less than fully charged, so it is fine to provide the golf cart a pit-stop charge during lunch.

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