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Expect to be best friends

Doris Hall (2019-09-20)

It is important to be friendly with your college roommate and write a essay for me, of course, but do not approach the roommate situation expecting to have a built in best friend. While you and your roommate may spend an inordinate amount of time together, it is best to have interests and friendships outside of the immediate location of your dorm room. Have your own social circle and invite your roommate to join in on occasion. It may happen that you end up as college roommates and best friends, but don't force the relationship if it just isn't there.
DON'T: Leave your room unsecureWhether you are stopping into the dorm room next door or heading down the hall to take a shower, it is important that you always lock your dorm windows and doors. Not doing so will leave you and your roommate vulnerable. At the start of the semester, talk to your roommate about dorm security. Agree that whoever is leaving the dorm room last is responsible for securing the door.
Living with a new roommate may be a challenge, especially if you have never shared your space before. It is best to approach life in the dorms with a positive attitude. Being friendly and encouraging, no matter what the situation brings, is the best way to live a peaceful life in the dorms. As with all things in life, practicing courtesy and respect will make your relationship with your college roommate a positive one.

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