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How much is Vinhomes Grand Park District 9?

Cuong pham van (2019-03-24)

In nearly 2 years, when District 9 căn hộ Vinhomes Grand Park is about to open for sale, many websites and media have offered the expected price of under 1 billion for Vinhomes Grand Park project in District 9. Currently after 2 In the year when District 9 infrastructure was synchronized and improved quickly, the price of District 9 increased rapidly, reaching the highest level in all provinces in Ho Chi Minh City during the past 2 years.
The heat of the real estate market in District 9 will lead to an increase in the price of Vinhomes Grand Park, which can reach a price of 30-60% compared to the time when Vincity District 9 announced two years ago. And according to many experts, Vincity District 9 will have a popular price and meet all the needs of all Vietnamese people, only need 200 million VND, the rest will be supported by the bank.

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