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the Zeitgeist Nhà Be

Cuong pham van (2019-07-09)

In addition, the Zeitgeist project is also zoned and the town of Zeitgeist is very attractive:
+ The house of Zeitgeist Adjacent to the construction model: including 1 floor with modern luxury design and the owner handed over the rough outside.
+ Commercial Street House Shophouse Zeitgeist with 1 ground floor design with 3 modern luxury designs and the owner handed over the rough outside
+ Nha Pho Zeitgeist usually with area of ​​5m x 16m, 5m x 18m, 6m x 20m, 7m x 24m
Villa Zeitgeist possesses a variety of designs and a large area including lakeside villas, river view with luxurious and modern designs with a variety of beautiful designs with many choices for customers, surely Villa Zeitgeist will attract and please many customers.
+ Villa adjacent Zeitgeist design with 1 ground floor 2 floor: with an area of ​​7m x 20m, 8m x 20m, the owner delivered the finish outside, rough inside
+ Villa Zeitgeist with lake design with 1 ground floor 2 floors: with an area of ​​10m x 20m, 8m x 25m, the owner is assigned to finish outside and rough inside.
+ Villa Zeitgeist view the river with the design of 1 ground 2 floors: with an area of ​​7m x 20m, 8m x 20m, the owner delivered the finish outside, rough insideFirst and last nameEnter your phone numberSend Any project details, please contact:
DEPARTMENT OF BUSINESS OF ZEITGEIST NHÀ BÈ HOUSE HOUSE► According to the master plan of GS E & C developer, the Zeitgeist urban project will allocate the area according to the criteria of building a stable and specific community of people, spending more than 35 hectares to build facilities. public area (educational buildings, administrative centers, medical and commercial centers ...), 39 hectares for green areas, parks, 66 hectares for urban roads and central squares ...► The residential area of ​​Zeitgeist Nha Be invests in full of essential utilities for the needs of all residents. Each subdivision is arranged alternately, full of utilities:
+ Internal green park and large landscape lake appear all over the project area, increasing the experience of relaxation and creating a green lifestyle for all residents.+ Area of ​​community activities: coffee, restaurant, BBQ garden ...+ Area for health training: gym, yoga, sports, volleyball, basketball, badminton, children's playground ... bring a healthy and supple life to all members in family.+ Shopping area: a system of commercial centers, mini supermarkets, food stalls, mini-bar shops spread evenly in each section, satisfying the shopping needs of residents at any time of the day and facilitating busy residents.+ Education zone: bringing together the education system at all levels, with many kindergartens, and 19 schools throughout the project, helping residents to feel secure about their safety and development environment. I, especially, save time to pick up my children / grandchildren every day.+ Health care area: A chain of clinics, a 24-hour health center, with a team of experienced doctors and perfect care for the physical life of the whole family.+ Modern security system, separate walkways for each zone, 24/24 security, safety as well as privacy for residents.

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