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English is appropriate for the job you want

colin eddie (2019-01-28)

Make sure your level of English is appropriate for the job you want
Although it is surprising to you, the British businessmen will not necessarily ask you for a specific level or title of English, but they will expect you to be able to carry out your work in this language, and they will try to find out if this is the case during the application process. That's why you should make clear in your curriculum the English studies you have done. nursing essay writer
The students I have dealt with usually take an English course in Spain  or study in the UK before starting to look for a job. But if you really have to demonstrate your level of English with a certification, the English exam page of the British Council  offers many options.
In the case that your level is very elementary, be realistic about the types of employment to which you can opt initially. Some of the people that I have advised have started as volunteers or in positions that were not related to their training , while they studied English in their free time, to later go to the sector that interested them.
4. Advertise effectively in English
Vocabulary to find employment is unknown territory for many people, including many native English speakers!
The  British Council's online English for the Workplace  free online course can help you improve your communication in this context; In the same way, in other articles of our blog you will find excellent recommendations on how to prepare your curriculum vitae in English and how to prepare a job interview in English . In the United Kingdom, social networks are used as a recruitment tool, so it's worth having your LinkedIn profile updated in English .
5. Think about where you want to live and how much it will cost you
There are job offers throughout the British territory, so you do not have to focus your search only on big cities like London. You can find out what the employment situation is in other places through these city guides  .
The cost of living can vary, and much, within the United Kingdom, so it is an aspect that you have to take into account when comparing salaries in job advertisements across the country. On the Numbeo  website you will  find the main costs in many cities , such as rent, basic service bills, etc.

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