Revista científica Pensamiento y Gestión, Vol 48

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Interfaces entre estrategias emprendedoras e innovadoras y la gestión del conocimiento

Ahiram Brunni Cartaxo de Castro, Pablo Marlon Medeiros da Silva, Kleber Cavalcanti Nóbrega, Lydia Maria Pinto Brito, Arthur William Pereira da Silva


This research aimed at mapping the international production over the interface between entrepreneurial and innovative strategies and knowledge management in the ISI Web of Science database with a 20-year temporal cut by highlighting the theoretical and methodological aspects to be explored. It is a bibliometric study in which the data were collected from the Web of Science database and processed through the HistCiteTM bibliometric analysis and visualization software. Through the research it was possible to identify the distribution of publications by year, the journals with the most articles published on the subject, the main authors, the country of origin of the publications, the principal journals, the theoretical gaps on the interface between the themes researched and the main methodological approaches. As a managerial contribution, this research shows the comprehension that the entrepreneurial and innovative strategies and KM must be linked to the business strategies, whereas the business strategy design needs, above all, to take the shape of a learning process overtime, which can be enabled through the organizational Knowledge Management model. Through this research, it was also possible to identify emerging themes on the interface between entrepreneurial, innovative strategies and knowledge management.

Palabras Clave / Keywords

Interfaz. estrategias emprendedoras. estrategias innovadoras. gestión del conocimiento. estudio bibliométrico.

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Artículo de investigación científica y tecnológica

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