A Bibliometric Analysis Of The Psychodynamics Of Work


  • Juliana Carvalho de Sousa Universidade Potiguar (UNP)
  • Ahiram Brunni Cartaxo de Castro Universidade Potiguar (UNP)
  • Pablo Marlon Medeiros da Silva Universidade Potiguar (UNP)
  • Lydia Maria Pinto Brito Universidade Potiguar (UNP)


The present research concentrated on mapping the national and international production on the Psychodynamics of Work, by analysing its dimensions and trends. The research dwelt on a temporal cut that covers from 1970 to 2018, and used the Web of Science database, alongside the VOSviewer software, with the objective of identifying clusters. The results show only 49 identified works. By analyzing the theoretical findings, a framework in which the Psychodynamics of Work is subdivided into two major dimensions, context and content, was designed. The context dimension involved work conditions, social relations, and organization. The content dimension covered issues like pleasure and suffering, health and sickness, confrontation strategies, psychic load, subjective mobilization, and recognition, among others.


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Juliana Carvalho de Sousa, Universidade Potiguar (UNP)

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Ahiram Brunni Cartaxo de Castro, Universidade Potiguar (UNP)

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Pablo Marlon Medeiros da Silva, Universidade Potiguar (UNP)

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Lydia Maria Pinto Brito, Universidade Potiguar (UNP)

Doutora em Educação (Universidade Federal do Ceará–UFC).Docente da PGGA (Universidade Potiguar)



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de Sousa, J. C., de Castro, A. B. C., da Silva, P. M. M., & Brito, L. M. P. (2020). A Bibliometric Analysis Of The Psychodynamics Of Work. Revista científica Pensamiento Y Gestión, 49. Recuperado a partir de http://rcientificas.uninorte.edu.co/index.php/pensamiento/article/view/11859