Revista científica Pensamiento y Gestión, Vol 49

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Organizational culture and competitiveness of women-led small and medium-sized enterprises managed in Cajeme, Mexico

Jose Guadalupe Flores Lopez, María Del Carmen Vásquez Torres, Beatriz Alicia Leyva Osuna


There has been a number of debates regarding women in the world-wide workforce. This document aims to analyze whether there is a relationship between a variable of organizational culture and the competitiveness of women- led small and medium-sized enterprises in the municipality of Cajeme, Mexico. An instrument was applied to 300 SMEs, 129 of which are run by women. It was determined that there is a relationship between the two variables, and both positively and significantly influence each other. It is important to recognize that 43% of the population of SME participants are directed by women, to a level of competence that is influenced by cultural aspects. In Cajeme, women still are predominantly traditionalist, more orderly in their activities, since they handle them as representative habits and values, which makes them competitive in the work environment.

Palabras Clave / Keywords

Women, Culture, Competitiveness, Mexico, SMEs

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Artículo de investigación científica y tecnológica

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