Psicología desde el Caribe, Issue 17: Jan-Jun 2006

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Manifestations of workplace bullying, mobbing and symptoms associated with PTSD: a case study

María Claudia Peralta Gómez


This article describes mobbing associated factors. Mobbing as a work situation in which a person is exposed to acts against personal dignity. The research follows the qualitative methodology, using a study of interpretative case in exploratory nature. Data were collected trough deep interviews to people who had lived this kind of harassment. Results indicate that to be exposed to mobbing generates symptoms associated with post-traumatic stress: re experimentation, physiological activation and avoidance. The analysis of these situations must be deeply studied and this paper concludes that one form of support to victims begins with understanding the meaning of the lived experienced and to understand it as a violent situation. Moreover it’s necessary to understand that violence in the work place can be associated with productivity and competition approaches.


Acoso laboral, mobbing, estrés postraumático/Mobbing, labor harassment, post-traumatic stress


Artículo de investigación científica y tecnológica


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