Psicología desde el Caribe, Issue 20: Jul-Dec 2007

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Analysis of discourses on drugs in public institutions of the Federal District, Brazil

Omar Alejandro Bravo


There are nowadays two opposed discourses about the toxicomania's question: the traditional one, that only considers the illegal drugs, turning into criminal the users; and a new one, called harm reduction, whose objective is not only the total elimination of the act of consuming but the decrease of the harmful effects of it, so giving priority to the health of users and whole community. In the case of official institutions of the Federal District, Brazil, both the type of discourse predominant in them and power relationships permitted and organized are analyzed. It is also considered levels of management responsible to determine and execute policies of prevention and assistance to toxic-maniacs. The Discourse Analysis used in this work allows the analysis of interviews carried out in the institutions. The discussion of this topic contributes to consider a change in public policies in this area. This change would permit the integral advantage of existent human and institutional resources.


Discourse analysis;, drugs; official institutions; public policies


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