Revista Científica Salud Uninorte, Vol 34, No 2 (2018)

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Importance of nursing care in patients with breast cancer: a Narrative review

Yeis Miguel Borré-Ortiz, Sandra Prada-Reyes, Audit Arrieta-Paternina, Yuranis De la Hoz-Pantoja, Yurisney Jimenez-Maury, Cristian Santos-Puello


Objective: To demonstrate the importance of nursing care in patients with breast cancer.

Materials and Methods: Narrative review of the literature, which analyzed 34 studies that were selected from 5 databases, taking into account the recommendations of the report Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyzes (PRISMA) during the search strategy, keeping the Methodological rigor.

Results: In addition to the descriptive aspects found in the 34 studies, two major categories were identified that allow to describe the importance of nursing care in patients with breast cancer. The categories are: Aspects valued by nurses and approach to nursing care.

Conclussion: The importance of nursing care is evident through the humanized, dignified and palliative treatment that this type of patients requires. The literature continues to show the need for nursing care to be comprehensive and strengthened in the light of interdisciplinarity.


Palabras Clave / Keywords

breast cancer, oncology, nursing, care, palliative care.

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