Revista Científica Salud Uninorte, Vol 34, No 2 (2018)

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Cross cultural adaptation of "Florida patient acceptance survey"; instrument that measures acceptance of patients to cardiac devices

Diana Marcela Castillo Sierra, Renata V. González-Consuegra


Objective: To cross-culturally adapt into the Colombian context the "Florida Patient Acceptance Survey" instrument which measures the acceptance of people implanted with cardiac stimulation devices.

Materials and methods: The methodology of translation and back translation has been followed, with the equivalence in cultural semantics to carry out the cross-cultural adaptation of the original version of the instrument Florida Patient Acceptance Survey (FPAS). In the process, experts participated in the areas of: ​​cardiac rhythm disorders, mental health and the validation of health measurement instruments, as well as a professional in linguistics and a professional in statistics.

Results: It has been achieved to obtain a Spanish version of the FPAS instrument culturally adapted to the Colombian context, with the necessary adjustments for the understanding of the target population, in order to preserve the semantic and conceptual equivalence of the original version.

Conclusions: The Spanish version of the FPAS is semantically and culturally equivalent to its original English version. From the contributions of the experts, adjustments were made, that did not modify the essence of the instrument, after which all the psychometric tests will be performed to carry out the process of validation of the instrument.

Palabras Clave / Keywords

Cross cultural adaptation, Acceptance, instrument, Artificial Cardiac Stimulation

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Artículo de investigación científica y tecnológica

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