Revista Científica Salud Uninorte, Vol 36, No 3 (2020)

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Empathy and family functioning in medical students of the University of Azuay, Cuenca, Ecuador.

Víctor Patricio Díaz-Narváez, Yolanda Dávila Pontón, Ximena Velez Calvo, Ambar Celleri Gomezcoello, Juan Aguilera Muñoz, Aracelis Calzadilla Núñez, Alejandro Reyes Reyes, Pilar Torres Martínez


Objective: To explore the distribution of general and particular levels of empathy among the different family functioning styles of medical students of the University of Azuay in the city of Cuenca, Ecuador.

Materials and methods: Exploratory and cross-sectional study. Student empathy levels were measured through the Jefferson Medical Empathy Scale, S-version in Spanish and family functioning through the Family Functioning Scale Faces-20 in a sample of 278 medical students. The comparison of data was carried out by means of analysis of bifactorial variance model III. The level of significance used was α≤ 0.05 and 1- β ≤ 0.20.

Results: The analysis of the general empathy variance was significant (p <0.05) for the family functioning style factor. The results on the dimensions of empathy:” Take on perspective” and “Ability to understand the situation of the other” were significant (p = 0.035; p = 0.044) for the family functioning style factor. Regarding the “Care with compassion” dimension, no significant differences were observed (p> 0.05). On the other hand, it was found that extreme family functioning styles have empathy values ​​greater than the intermediate style, with significant differences between them (p <0.05). Conclusion: There is a relationship between the type of family functioning and empathy. Extreme family functioning style have higher empathy values ​​than intermedium families. Regarding the gender factor, these differences were not presented.

Palabras Clave / Keywords

Empathy, Students, Medical, Physician-Patient relations

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Artículo de investigación científica y tecnológica


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