Zona Próxima, No 33 (2020)

Tamaño de la letra:  Pequeña  Mediana  Grande

El nivel de competencia digital en profesionales de la educación: El caso de los educadores físicos españoles

Santiago Pozo Sánchez, Nieves Domínguez Campoy, Arturo Fuentes Cabrera



The advances made in society in technology have caused the education sector to be in a process of digitalization. That is why teachers who practice the profession today require digital skills to carry out teaching and learning processes in innovative environments, appropriate to the reality and demands of the students. This study aims to know the degree of digital competence of teachers of the Physical Education area. For its scope, a descriptive and correlational research design has been established by means of a quantitative method. A sample of 236 teachers from the Spanish geography who teach the subject of Physical Education, selected probabilistically by strata, was chosen. As a data collection instrument, a validated and reliable questionnaire was used. The results obtained reflect that this professional group has technological skills of considerable range in each of the areas that articulate the digital teaching competence. Likewise, it is postulated that the scope of such competence depends on the academic degree, the educational stage and the type of centre where they perform their duties.


Palabras Clave / Keywords

ICT, digital competence, educational innovation, teacher training

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Artículo de investigación científica y tecnológica

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