Impact of avoidable mortality on mortality patterns in the Caribbean Region, 1999-2014


  • Alí Miguel Arrieta Arrieta Grupo de Investigación en Economía de la Salud
  • Álvaro Flórez-Tanús Universidad de Cartagena
  • Nelson Alvis-Guzmán Universidad de Cartagena


Avoidable mortality, life tables, Caribbean region, Colombia


Death is now an inevitable fact, however, life expectancy has changed significantly in time and still in our day it differs widely between human groups. The advancement of health technology has allowed certain causes of death to be controlled, postponed or avoided. Therefore, the objective of this research is to measure the impact of a preventable death cause on demographic variables in the Colombian Caribbean region 1999-2014. To achieve this, the hypothetical method of elimination of Causes of life-table deaths was used. The results indicate that in this period of study, deaths from diseases of the circulatory system and external causes of mortality had been avoided, the life expectancy of this population would have been significantly prolonged.





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