Risks and benefits of medical tourism in developing countries in the period 2015 to 2019


  • Mario Alberto de la Puente Pacheco Universidad del Norte
  • Mauro Maury Corporación Universitaria Minuto de Dios, Uniminuto


medical tourism, developing countries, international health mobility


This article analyzes the potential risks and advantages of a medical tourism offer in developing countries based on international health mobility dynamics. Through a comparison of secondary sources and the presentation of a case study between the UK and India, it is found that legal loopholes, deepening inequalities in access to public medical services and security uncertainty may reduce the attraction of health professionals, competition improvements, and advances in the quality of medical care.

Author Biography

Mario Alberto de la Puente Pacheco, Universidad del Norte

Docente de planta del Departamento de Ciencia Politica y Relaciones Internacionales de la Universidad del Norte. Doctor en Analisis Economico Internacional, magister en Economia Internacional y profesional en Relaciones Internacionales de la Universidad del Norte. Miembro del grupo de investigacion Agenda Internacional.





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