Local Economic Development Opportunities that could be potentialized through International Cooperation, in the Agricultural Sector of the Municipality of Socha - Boyacá


  • Angye Lorena Bernal Suarez Corporación Universitaria Iberoamericana
  • Karen Dayana Pinzón Carreño Corporación Universitaria Iberoamericana
  • Diana Patricia Gutiérrez Mejía Corporación Universitaria Iberoamericana
  • Laura Lucía Colmenares Botía Corporación Universidad Piloto de Colombia


International cooperation, Farming, Local economic development, Socha Municipality, Rural


This article is derived from a research project, which focuses on identifying local economic development opportunities in the agricultural sector of the municipality of Socha, located in the northwest of the department of Boyacá, Colombia; this through different mechanisms provided by international cooperation for development in food security and agriculture issues for countries in the global south such as Colombia. The municipality has areas with agricultural potential, since it produces a variety of exotic vegetables and fruits throughout its territory, even so, there are various problems, one of the most complex is the technification for the generation of greater production, bringing as This is the consequence of the migration of labor to other economic sectors and the aging of agricultural areas. Based on the above, it is sought to create a link to receive support through international cooperation, considering the administration of natural resources and the execution of productive processes in a sustainable way in the municipality. This is how the peasant population of the region under study will be able to take advantage of the various agricultural resources that the land offers them in a better way, becoming an example for the other municipalities of the department of Boyacá, considered one of the great pantries of Colombian foods.





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