Migration made the rururban spaces in Popayan for the first decade of the XXI century


  • Andres Mauricio Gomez Sanchez
  • Ronald Alejandro Macuacé Otero Universidad del Cauca


Migration, rururban, econometrics


Urban growth has strong economic implications, social, environmental, and even political. In this century in Popayan, identifies some of these impacts, which began decades ago but gained momentum in recent years, due not only to the rapid population growth but increased migration, mass urban settlements subnormal population lowly populated territories, the rurbanization, among others. In this vein, this paper investigates through a Multinomial Logit model for the social and economic determinants of migration to Popayan. The main results are that the security offered by the city is what motivates most likely to migrate to a family Cauca capital, followed by the acquisition of housing, health and attachment to rural life.





Science article