Prostate-specific antigen in men from the municipality of Paipa, Boyacá 2016


  • Angela Liliana Monroy Díaz Universidad de Boyacá
  • Paola Andrea Cortes Paredes E.SE Salud Aquitania
  • Yurleidy Tatiana Pedraza Echeverria Universidad de Boyacá
  • Julie Liliana Orjuela Vargas Universidad de Boyacá
  • Carol Mayerline Morales Suárez Universidad de Boyacá
  • Laura Ximena Ramírez López Universidad de Boyaca


Palabras clave:

Prostate-specific antigen, prostatic neoplasms, prostate cancer.


Objective: to determine PSA values and socio-demographic factors associated with its elevation.

Materials and methods: This research was developed as a cross-cutting descriptive study in which total blood PSA levels were quantified for 97 men over 40 years old, using the Accu- Bind PSA® micro-well ELISA technique; socio-demographic characteristics were investigated; and a bi-variate analysis was made using a p <0.05 level of statistical significance and Odds ratio association (OR).

Results: The median PSA value in the study population was 0.80 ng/mL (RIQ 0.0 - 2.1); 12.4% of the participants showed results higher than 4 ng/mL, with a population mean age of 59; 49.5% of them were of socio-economic status 1; 46.4% had an elementary school level of education; and 14.4% reported having a family history of prostatic diseases. It was found that age (OR = 5.8; 95%CI 1.3; 41, p=0.03) is associated with elevated PSA, and that rural origin is related to lower elevation frequency (OR = 0.2, 95%CI 0.03; 0.8; p=0.04).

Conclusions: The conduction of these types of studies contributes to the knowledge on any prevalence of regional origin that may impact on the prevention of prostatic diseases.

Biografía del autor/a

Angela Liliana Monroy Díaz, Universidad de Boyacá

Bacteriologa y Laboratorista clinica, Master en prevencion de riesgos laborales, Estudiante de maestria en investigación de enfermedades infecciosas

Paola Andrea Cortes Paredes, E.SE Salud Aquitania

Bacteriologa y Laborista clínica

Yurleidy Tatiana Pedraza Echeverria, Universidad de Boyacá

Estudiante programa Bacteriología y laboratorio clínico

Julie Liliana Orjuela Vargas, Universidad de Boyacá

Bacteriologa, Master en Salud Pública

Carol Mayerline Morales Suárez, Universidad de Boyacá

Medico general, Estudiante maestria en Fisiología.

Laura Ximena Ramírez López, Universidad de Boyaca

Bacteriologa y laboratorista clinica, Master en Sistemas Integrados de gestión. Candidata a Magister en Bioquimica clinica.



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Monroy Díaz, A. L., Cortes Paredes, P. A., Pedraza Echeverria, Y. T., Orjuela Vargas, J. L., Morales Suárez, C. M., & Ramírez López, L. X. (2019). Prostate-specific antigen in men from the municipality of Paipa, Boyacá 2016. Revista Científica Salud Uninorte, 34(3).



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