Externalities of education under the estimation of multilevel models: an approach by type of worker


  • Andrés Felipe Sarria Universidad Santiago de Cali


externalities, human capital, education, type of firms


This research intends to examine whether in Cali (Colombia), there are positive externalities for human capital (education) regarding individual incomes of working individuals, using the Survey of Income and Life Quality 2013, with which were made groups called "types of business", differentiated by their endowment in human capital. Through the estimation of mincerian equations (under the methodology of hierarchical models) it is found evidence that relates the characteristics of the working environment with individual behavior. It should be clarified that the estimates were realized after performing test of selection bias. In addition, the same analysis is carried out by differentiating the effect of externalities
between "qualified" and "unskilled" individuals, as proposed by Moretti (2004).

Author Biography

Andrés Felipe Sarria, Universidad Santiago de Cali

Economista de la universidad Autónoma de Occidente, Magister en Economía Aplicada de la Universidad del Valle. Tres años de experiencia en investigación en temas relacionados con economía laboral, economía del crimen, economía agrícola y economía internacional. Profesor tiempo completo de la universidad Santiago de Cali desde agosto del 2015.





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