Benefits of human capital management at the corporate and global level


  • Yisleidy Eraso Universidad del Quindio, Colombia
  • Luisa Fernanda Salazar Universidad del Quindio, Colombia


human capital, business, economic development, global, management


The objective of this review article is to know the benefits that human capital management brings at a business and global level with a compilation of authors and sources that allow establishing the different benefits for analysis and understanding its importance, for this it was used as methodology a documentary review where they were taken into account as inclusion criteria that were documents from the repository of undergraduate, master’s and doctoral theses, articles in English, Spanish, scientific study articles, documentary review articles, and articles that contain topics of human capital or its management. As results, it is related that in order to obtain both business and global benefits in relation to the management of human capital, the incentive in monetary terms must be taken into account, that is, the salary must satisfy the needs, being fair, with this it stimulates the national economy through the effects of increased consumption, as long as everything else remains constant. It was concluded that there is a direct relationship between industrialized or highly developed countries and the human capital index, due to the conditions that allow this relationship, that is, both institutional efforts of a state nature as well as private ones, due to the There is evidence regarding investment in education, training and health, however there are other factors that may be limiting, such as currency devaluation, which would result in a loss of purchasing power and also decrease investment levels.





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