Economic growth and human development in Colombia (2000 – 2010)


  • Verena Del Carmen Marrugo Arnedo


Economic Growth, human development, gini coefficient, human development index, poverty


This research presents a description and analysis of the gross domestic product (GDP) and the behavior of the indicators of inequality, standard of living and poverty. In this way, we made an analysis, which allows determining the impact generated by the growth of the GDP on human development in Colombia, during the period from 2000 to 2010. The results of this research show that during the Decade, the growth of GDP did not reflect a reduction of levels of poverty in the same proportion, thus showing that persists. Similarly, in the distribution of wealth, the comparative analysis of the GINI coefficient shows that Colombia is still above the average for Latin America.

Author Biography

Verena Del Carmen Marrugo Arnedo

Administrador de Negocios de la Universidad de San Buenaventura.

Especialista en Cooperación Interncional para el Desarrollo de la Universidad de San Buenvanetura seccional Cartagena en convenio con la Universidad de Pavía, Italia.





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