Sociography of argentinian business corporations. Union Industrial Argentina, 1966-1974


  • Veronica Gabriela Baudino IDIHCS-CONICET


Argentina Industrial Union, Bourgeoisie, social composition


The Argentina Industrial Union (UIA) is a projection observable to approach the corporate behavior of the bourgeoisie as it constitutes one of the most representative and influential associations thereof in this country. We approach the problem from the reconstruction of the political leadership of the company and the flagship companies of every leader. Through various specialized sources classify them according to their place in the rankings for sales, profits, capital and position in the international market. We conclude that the UIA in the analyzed period (1966-1974) consisted in a small group of large capital and a major number of small capitals nationwide, unified by their marginalization in world market.

Author Biography

Veronica Gabriela Baudino, IDIHCS-CONICET

Doctora en Historia de la Universidad de Buenos Aires

Becaria postdoctoral de CONICET

Docente en UBA y UNLP





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