The problems of the development of auto parts industry in Argentina during the Peronism (1945-1955)


  • Ianina Harari IIGG/Conicet


Auto parts industry, Metallurgical industry, Argentine, Peronism


This article aims to examine the development of Argentina's auto parts industry during the first two Peronist governments (1945 -1955). We focus on the incentive policies for the sector, primarily through the automotive factory Aeronautical and Mechanical Industries of the State. Furthermore, we analyze the limits that this activity found to expand in the period, in particular in relation to raw materials and equipment. We believe that despite government incentives, the development of this branch found economic obstacles. In this paper we use both official sources and publications business entities, among others.

Author Biography

Ianina Harari, IIGG/Conicet

Doctora en Historia. Becaria Posdoctoral de Conicet. Docente de la Facultad de Filosofía y Letras de la Universidad de Buenos Aires.





Original reflection article