Canadian investment in Colombia: An analysis of extractive companies


  • Gustavo Rodríguez Albor Universidad Autónoma del Caribe / Universidad San Buenaventura - Cartagena
  • Melissa Peláez Blandón Universidad de San Buenaventura - Cartagena
  • Rafael Garcia Luna Universidad Autónoma del Caribe


Foreign investment, commodities, dutch disease, FTA, Canada


The role of the extractive sector in the economy has been a subject of intense debate. This article examines the growth of Canadian investment in Colombia, particularly of mining activities. The results indicate that in recent years the increase of coal and gold mining and oil production, among others; has created a negative impact on national economy, environment, health, human rights and labor abuses. In which even Canadians companies that have subscribed an agreement of ethics and responsibility in Colombia-Canada Free Trade Agreement, have been at the center of criticism.





Science article