Intercultural socio-economic education and citizenship in Colombia: the case of the District of Santa Marta


  • Iván Sánchez Fontalvo Universidad del Magdalena
  • Omar Huertas Díaz Universidad Nacional de Colombia


Education, intercultural, multiculturalism, citizenship, identity, peace and equity


This article presents results of a qualitative study, based in two studies, in the first study the methodology is oriented to the interpretation and the understanding and secondly to study the transformation and change. In the first study there were two discussion groups with twenty-one members from four educational institutions of a public character of the Commune No. 8 called Pozos Colorados in the city of Santa Marta, with the aim to understand and demonstrate the training needs expressed on the development of education for intercultural citizenship. Starting from the identified training needs has started the second study, including the development, implementation and evaluation of a teacher education program that enables from educational institutions the development of intercultural citizenship skills.





Original reflection article