“The Metaphysics of Silence” as an Integral Philosophy in Max Picard [Spanish]


  • Catalina Elena Dobre Universidad Anáhuac México


Max Picard, silence, metaphisics, original reality, God


This article aims to recover a peculiar approach in the understanding of reality through the concept of silence. Although there are several inquiries about silence,
mostly related to the work of Martín Heidegger, Ludwig Wittgenstein or Merleau-Ponty, this article intends to extend the understanding of a philosophy of silence that would not be complete without the contribution of Max Picard. Being an originalthinker and the author of a peculiar work, the purpose of these pages is to analyze the silence, to understand why the Swiss philosopher understands it as an original and positive reality and not as an absence, thus creating a “metaphysics of silence” as an
integral philosophy (in which reality is understood as unity); a philosophy in which silence unites, through language, the human and the divine, creating a relationship
of complementarity.

Author Biography

Catalina Elena Dobre, Universidad Anáhuac México

PHD in philosophy by University "Alexandru I. Cuza", Iasi, Romania. Researcher of the National system of research, CONACYT, México. Philosophy professor in the postgraduate of philosophy an dhumanities in the Faculty oh Humanities, Philosophy and Language Anáhuac University México (México)


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