Justice as political problem. From Kantian moral constructivism to Rawlsian political constructivism. [Spanish]


  • Jefferson Jaramillo Marín Pontificia Universidad Javeriana
  • Yesid Echeverry Enciso Universidad ICESI Cali.


John Rawls, teoría de la justicia, filosofía política, liberalismo político, constructivismo político, constructivismo moral,


This paper discusses justice in terms of political problem as viewed by John Rawls’ philosophy. It claims that the Kantian politic constructivism has some implications on the base of the Rawlsian liberalism. It argues about how the connection between these two different types of constructivism provides a construction procedure in which rational autonomous agents, submitted to reasonable conditions, make agreements concerning public principles about justice in order to reach a fair system of cooperation that goes beyond the generations. It concludes showing the limitations and achievements of the proposal in contemporary political philosophy.