Patriotism and Justice in the Global Dimension. A Conflict of Virtues?


  • Marta Soniewicka Jagiellonian University, Department of Philosophy of Law and Legal Ethics.


Communitarism, cosmopolitism, patriotism, global justice, John Rawls, Alasdair MacIntyre,


This paper is concerned with the problem of particularistic and objective approach to morals in the debate on global justice. The former one is usually defended by the communitarian philosophy and moderate liberal nationalism that claim for moral significance of national borders. Within this approach, patriotism is a fundamental virtue. The latter approach is presented by the cosmopolitans who apply the Rawlsian justice as fairness to the world at large. They reject moral significance of national borders and claim for equal rights and obligations to all human beings regardless of their origin and nationality. This approach to global justice treats patriotism as a vice. The main aim of this essay is to analyse whether the concept of patriotism and the concept of global justice necessarily come into conflict with one other.