Images – perception and cinema in Bergson and Deleuze. [Spanish]


  • Matthias Vollet Johannes Gutenberg-Universtät Mainz


Bergson, Deleuze, image, perception, cinema, image-movement, image-time, conscience,


Deleuze determines the nature of cinema in terms of two key concepts: image-movement and image-time. With the help of these concepts he explains the essence of cinema before WW II as being founded on action and movement, whereas cinema after WW II is explained as having changed into a reflexive cinema which is directed towards time and its realizations. Deleuze says that he has taken both concepts from Bergson’s “Matter and Memory”. In this article these Deleuzian concepts are roughly explained. I will then address the question in what sense Bergson can be considered as the originator of these concepts. I will finally specify the Deleuzian concepts of imagemovement and image-time and discuss their explanatory forceBergson,