His Leisurely Pace was Hypnotic [Spanish]

Reseña del libro El sonido de un caracol salvaje al comer. Elisabeth Tova Bailey (2019). (The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating, 2016). Trad. Violeta Arranz. Capitán Swing. 141 pp.


  • Henar Lanza González Universidad del Norte


The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating, Elisabeth Tova Bailey


To write about illness is to write about time, about how to lose health is to lose speed and how this affects our time perception. Disability makes us aware of the gap between our slowness and the dizzying pace of the world, and that gap opens an abyss that separates the sick person from the rest. If this thing that slows us down and cuts us off continues, we isolates, everything surpasses us without our wanting or being able to follow it. To get sick is to have a time that we cannot enjoy. However, the slowdown caused by the disease is a good opportunity to observe and reflect.


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