Franchises in Colombia, Legal Regulations and Features


  • Maria Andrea Camacho Universidad del Norte



This article will strive to reflect on the issue of Franchise in Colombia and its development over the years. 


It will also analyze how lawyers have handled franchise contracts, using different ways, for example, without having, the Central Bank, the Andian decision 24 and 83, which in dispersed manner give information about franchises.


For the purpose of these analyses we will focus on the relationship with North American franchises, given the fact that the United States is the country that has the biggest influence in the development of franchises in Colombia. 

We will part from an analysis of the figure in Colombia, its main characteristics and elements, practical examples and the risks thatcome with owning a franchise in the country.





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Maria Andrea Camacho, Universidad del Norte

Profesora del Departamento de derecho.





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