Human development, knowledge societies and institutional adjustment


  • Jairo J. Parada

Palabras clave:

Sociedades del conocimiento, instituciones y desarrollo humano, Communication for social change, complexity science, complex systems, decentralized control and self-organizing processes.



This paper illustrates how ´knowledge’ societies are developing now, offering new opportunities in human development that are basically possibilities. But nothing will happen automatically as an outcome from market mechanisms and normal diffusion of new technologies. Improvement of the in population well-being the developing world will demand deep institutional adjustments that should redirect our efforts toward political projects more inclusive, democratic and less unequal. This purpose will require high leverage from individual, collective agencies and governments, and true actions on the real world in order to materialize these possibilities coming from knowledge societies.


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Jairo J. Parada

PhD. Professor – Department of Economics - Universidad del Norte. Address: Universidad del Norte, km 5, vía a Puerto Colombia .a.1569, Barranquilla (Colombia)




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J. Parada, J. (2021). Human development, knowledge societies and institutional adjustment. Investigación &Amp; Desarrollo, 17(1), 152–171. Recuperado a partir de



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